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At Blue Dog Stone Works, we know how devastating the loss of a cherished pet can be. It was after the loss of my beloved Blue Heeler, Petie, that the idea for this company was born.

People have been memorializing cherished animals since around 500 B.C. The ancient Egyptians mummified their cats and entombed them with food and treasures to ensure that they would be well taken care of in the after life. The Chinese Dynasties maintained a dog cemetery in Peking with tombstones made of marble, ivory, gold and silver. Pet cemeteries have been found throughout Europe in places like Paris, London, Edinburgh, Algiers, and Russia. Several of these date back hundreds of years. The oldest pet cemetery in the United States was found by archeologist, Stewart Schrever, in Green County, Illinois. Pets were believed to have been entombed there around 6500 B.C. The oldest operating pet cemetery in the United States is the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in New York, which was established in 1896.

Throughout time and throughout the world people have known the joy a companion animal can bring to us. Their unconditional love and acceptance is priceless. We hope to create for you, a lasting tribute that will beautifully express your love and remembrance of your lost animal friend.


Blue Dog Stone Works

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Blue Dog Stone Works donates 5% of all proceeds from the sales of our pet memorials to the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine’s Companion Animal Fund. To find out more about the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine and the Companion Animal Fund, you can visit their web site at: www.vetmed.wisc.edu.